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New Experiences with high scalable application

These days i’m fully busy with Company works, but I do have my own free time and it’s about one month that I started working on my own project which is a high scalable project based on power full open source technologies, like NodeJS,
MongoDB, Redis, GlusterFS and … .
What is this?

I’ll tell you later, but the most Important thing is I learned(learning) a lot’s of thing on CentOS 7 and other network theoretical thing.
Because I’m one person and Now I’m the CEO, CIO, Developer, Tester, Architecture Designer and … .
Absolutely I’m looking for some helps, looking for some talented people to join me and learn things beside me.
Soon I’ll share a lot’s of things about installing and configuring most useful and important tools on CentOS, like Working with “Bind” for creating DNS Server, “crontab” set cron jobs in centOS , toolsfor clustering and monitoring nodeJS App and … .
I’m doing this for 3 reason:

First : these experiences might save your time.
Second : I can explain in the easiest way, actually for dummies
Third : Because I like it and it’s make me more professional.



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